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April 2015

Syrian Businessmen to Fund Cairo Conference

Organizers of the Syrian opposition’s upcoming Cairo conference, to be held mid-May
, have decided to refuse state funding for the event

Coastal Villages Mourn Regime Deaths

Fighting in Syria’s northwest sees the death of two regime brigadiers and a large number of officers and soldiers

Decisive Storm and the Syrian Challenge

Regional powers should consider directing the Saudi-led alliance towards Syria in an attempt to enforce a peaceful political settlement

Syria’s Political and Armed Opposition Agree on Five Points

Delegation headed by Coalition President Khaled Khoja met with members of revolutionary and military forces, along with representatives of elected local councils to discuss the political, military and assistance affairs of the Syrian revolution

President Khoja Speaks on Recent Rebel Gains

Syrian National Coalition president delivers speech to the Syrian people after rebel forces make significant advances in several provinces

De Mistura Invites Iran to Geneva III

UN special envoy says an official invitation was directed to the Iranian foreign minister to attend the conference in Geneva this May

How Can We Preserve the Unity of Syria?

Syrians who wish to maintain Syria as a homeland for all Syrians, those who wish to reconstruct it as a unified homeland for the next generations, must take responsibility and contribute in shaping the fate of their country and its future

Coalition May Boycott Cairo Conference

Cairo’s insistence on obtaining specific attendee names at the opposition meeting angers National Coalition members

Bread Enters Moadamieh After 70-Day Siege

Embattled town receives bread after regime closed entry to the area in response to pro-revolution demonstrations earlier this year