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Syria’s Political and Armed Opposition Agree on Five Points

Delegation headed by Coalition President Khaled Khoja met with members of revolutionary and military forces, along with representatives of elected local councils to discuss the political, military and assistance affairs of the Syrian revolution
Syria’s Political and Armed Opposition Agree on Five Points

The Syrian National Coalition announced the revolutionary forces have agreed on five key points to resolve the Syrian issue in a meeting held last weekend in Istanbul. Most significantly, the points state there is no solution without the toppling of the Assad regime, with all its symbols and security organs, and that "Assad and his ruling elite should have no role in the transitional phase and the future of the country".

According to a statement issued by the National Coalition yesterday evening, the participants agreed to: “Work to achieve the highest degree of coordination between the political and military forces of the opposition, and to protect the independent national decision-making in coordination and cooperation with the allies of the revolution and its friends. The revolutionary forces called on all Syrians, wherever they are and whatever their affiliation, to join the revolution and to participate in all efforts to halt the killing and destruction, and stand in the face of any plans to split the country or support the terrorism of the regime".

The statement confirmed that a delegation from the Syrian National Coalition, headed by Khaled Khoja, met with "representatives of the revolutionary and military forces and representatives of the elected local councils, last Saturday in Istanbul, where they discussed the political, military and assistance affairs of the Syrian Revolution. The participants also discussed the victories achieved by the revolutionary forces on all fronts from the south to the north".

According to the statement, participants of the meeting included representatives of: the Army of Islam, Ajnad ash-Sham Islamic Union, ash-Sham Corps, ash-Sham Rebels Battalions, the Homs Corps, al-Yarmouk Army, Ansar al-Islam Front, al-Ababil Army, Istaqem Kama Umert Rally, the 24th Infantry Brigade, al-Habib al-Mustafa Brigades, the 96th Brigade, the Free Judiciary Council, the Council of Idlib province, the Council of Aleppo province, the Council of Damascus province, the Council of Hama province, Jund al-Badr Rally, the "313 Brigades", Amoud Horan Brigade, al-Motaz Bellah Brigade, the Council of Homs province, the First Corps, the United South Brigades, Fursan al-Haq Brigade and Brigade 111.

The Coalition’s statement also noted that participants paid "tribute to the heroic fighters who express Syrians' determination to overthrow the Assad regime with all its symbols, to give birth to a new regime where Syrian people are the decision-makers".

"Participants stressed that the unlimited support provided by Tehran and Moscow to the Assad regime in all fields could not and will not save the regime. The deterioration of its political institutions, the disintegration of its military machine and the collapse of its economic conditions have reached a point where the regime has surrendered to the will of the Iranian and Iraqi militias, Hezbollah militia and the foreign mercenaries Assad brought to protect him".

The participants agreed "the unity of the Syrian blood reinforces that the solution should be complete and comprehensive for all Syrians". The revolutionary forces also agreed to form a committee to follow up and coordinate joint affairs and solutions to the current problems.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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