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Daraa Rebels Attack ISIS-Affiliated Group

Suyouf al-Haq rebels storm Jaish al-Jihad stronghold in response to an ambush that killed 19 of its fighters
Daraa Rebels Attack ISIS-Affiliated Group

Southern Front rebels attacked an ISIS-affiliated group in the countryside of Quneitra on Tuesday, killing dozens, activists said.

On Monday, Jaish al-Jihad, an Islamist group that pledged allegiance to ISIS, had ambushed fighters of the Suyouf al-Haq brigade near the occupied Golan Heights, killing 19 fighters.

In response, rebels active in Daraa province stormed the stronghold of Jaish al-Jihad in the villages of al-Qahtaniya and al-Hamidiya, rescuing fighters who were held captive following the ambush.

Dar al-Adel (The Justice House), a powerful judiciary body in Daraa, has called on rebels to fight Jaish al-Jihad and all groups affiliated to ISIS.

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