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Who’s who

Who is Dima Moussa, the Twice SOC Vice-President

Dima Moussa’s role as a lawyer, feminist, and politician in the Syrian opposition highlights her as a key figure in the ongoing struggle for a free and democratic Syria.

Ethan A. Goldrich Replaces Aimee Cutrona

Who is Ethan Goldrich, the new Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, with responsibility for the Levant and Syria engagement.

Who’s Who: Prime Minister Hussein Arnous

Hussein Arnous was appointed Prime Minister in 2020, but has had a long career in the Assad regimes, aiding corruption and providing unwavering support.

Who’s Who: Talal Barazi

Talal Barazi has been named as the Minister of Local Trade and Consumer Protection, but before that he was a highly contentious Governor of Homs, where he was disliked in equal measures by both sides.