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Opinion: Egypt's Healer and Syria's Destiny

Because of the immorality and hostility of the Islamic State to all, and the danger it poses for the legal, geographic and demographic status quo in the region, everyone must forget their differences, or ignore them for now, in order to confront this storm

The ISIS within

Until we learn to embrace the true meaning of citizenship, dictatorships and extremism will prevail

Syria: One Year Later

A column in honor of the one-year anniversary of Syria’s chemical attack

Palestinians in Syria… Where to Flee?

The case of Palestinians differs from all other cases, because the Palestinians lost their native country, Palestine

Opinion: Nasrallah’s Communication Confusion

Nasrallah polishes the image of the Assad regime and went as far as saying that the ideology of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria had been taught in Gulf schools for many years

Opinion: Where is Assad on Gaza?

Assad cannot come out to talk about “resistance” or “steadfastness,” particularly after Israel carried out airstrikes on Syrian territory without Assad responding

Opinion: A World Cup Of Blood

The Syrian reality is no longer interesting for the international public who have found in the World Cup an escape from the daily concerns