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President Assad: Current Events in Gaza Reignite the Palestinian Cause in Arab Conscience

Assad accused the West and America adhere to a single standard in their policies, which is a consistent bias in favour of their own interests, according to al-Baath.

President Bashar al-Assad asserted on Thursday that the fundamental element of U.S. policy, spanning decades to the present day, revolves around military escalation and the deliberate creation of chaos. He noted that Europe, which aligns with this policy, is experiencing a deterioration not only in its moral standing but also in its intellectual capacity.

These remarks were made by President al-Assad during a dialogue session with a diverse group of diplomats held at the Foreign Ministry.

President Assad: Major Corporations Exert Significant Influence on U.S. and European Politics

President al-Assad emphasized that the accusation of the West and the U.S. applying double standards in their dealings is not entirely accurate. Instead, he contended that the West and America adhere to a single standard in their policies, which is a consistent bias in favour of their own interests at the expense of the interests of other nations and peoples. This, he suggested, is among the leading causes of conflicts in various regions, including the Middle East, where the ongoing conflict in Gaza is a striking illustration of this partiality.

President al-Assad initiated his dialogue by delving into historical context and indicators, positioning current political and military developments, existing alliances, and ongoing conflicts within this broader historical framework before interpreting them from a purely political standpoint.

The President went on to underscore that the core of American policy in recent decades has been characterized by military escalation and the deliberate fostering of chaos. Europe has, regrettably, followed suit, and this alignment has led to a decline, not just in moral standards but also in intellectual discourse. This decline is evident in the daily statements emanating from European politicians and the narratives propagated by European countries through their media outlets concerning the situation in Gaza. President al-Assad noted that these narratives often display superficiality, racism, unfounded allegations, and falsehoods. He stressed that the events unfolding in Gaza at present have reinstated the Palestinian cause to its rightful place in the collective Arab consciousness.

Furthermore, President al-Assad pointed out that the West has swiftly provided financial, military, and logistical support to “Israel,” which serves as the linchpin of the colonial project in the region. During the dialogue session, diplomats posed a wide array of questions and shared opinions on politics, political philosophy, and the role of diplomatic institutions and foreign missions in light of the current developments.


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