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Suweida Protesters ask: Where is Bashar al-Assad

The peaceful popular movement in Suweida has now entered its third month, Baladi News writes.

Protests in the Suweida governorate against the Syrian regime and its leader, Bashar al-Assad, continued for the sixty-ninth consecutive day. On Thursday, dozens of Suweida residents gathered in al-Karama Square in the city center, expressing their demands for the regime’s downfall and the release of detainees, as reported by Baladi News correspondents.

The demonstration notably featured a strong presence of women, who chanted a song titled “My heart belongs to the country and I’ll protect it with my eyes.”

Throughout the protest, various banners were displayed, criticizing the Syrian regime and making satirical references to its president. One such banner read, “Where are you, Bashar al-Assad? Come out and laugh at us with a speech,” alluding to the regime leader’s disappearance during the Israeli escalation in the bombing of Syrian sites, coinciding with the Gaza conflict.

The peaceful popular movement in Suweida has now entered its third month, with a growing number of participants demanding the regime’s removal, the trial of Bashar al-Assad, and the implementation of UN Resolution 2254. This resolution seeks to ensure a peaceful transition of power through democratic elections, supervised by the United Nations.


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