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Security Forces in Syria Prevent Flights from Iran to Lattakia

Cham Wings has declined to operate any flights from Iran to Syria, al-Souria Net reports.

The Iranian news agency Fars has reported that flights from Tehran to Lattakia airport have been disrupted due to Israeli airstrikes, which had previously also impacted Aleppo and Damascus airports.

According to the agency, recent Hajj missions were bound for Damascus, but when complications arose, they were redirected to Aleppo Airport. However, both airports have ceased operations following Israeli attacks.

A Syrian aviation worker mentioned that the issues at Aleppo and Damascus airports aren’t expected to be resolved within the next ten days, and there are currently no flights operating.

Syria Urges UN Security Council to Condemn Israeli Attacks on Damascus and Aleppo Airports

The Iranian agency noted that these flights were intended for Lattakia rather than Damascus. However, Cham Wings has declined to operate any flights from Iran to Syria.

The report cited an anonymous source describing the situation as “due to certain restrictions, security forces are not permitting the airline to conduct flights from Iran to Lattakia.” 

The source further stated that Cham Wings lacks a clear flight schedule for the upcoming days, even extending to the next two weeks.

Since the Israeli attack on Gaza earlier this month, Israeli aircraft have carried out multiple strikes on both Damascus and Aleppo airports. Following the announcement of the Assad regime’s plans to rehabilitate these airports, Israeli planes resumed their attacks, leading to speculation that Israel aims to keep them out of service.

Last week, al-Madina FM cited private sources, stating that “air traffic at Aleppo and Damascus international airports has been suspended indefinitely due to recurrent attacks.”


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