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Mekdad to al-Watan: The Enemy Will Pay the Price of Any Attempt to Expand the Aggression

Mekdad emphasized that Israel has consistently pursued a policy of territorial expansion in an interview with al-Watan.

For the eighteenth consecutive day, the Israeli military has continued its military operations in the Gaza Strip, resulting in a significant loss of life and serious injuries. As of the time of this report, the death toll stands at 5,791, with 16,297 individuals wounded, and a severe strain on the healthcare infrastructure.

Meanwhile, in Damascus, during the ceremony where Czech Ambassador Eva Felipe was honoured with the Order of Merit of the excellent class, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, Faisal Mekdad, emphasized in a statement to al-Watan that the occupying entity has a history of violating rights, international law, and humanitarian principles. He cautioned that any further attempts to expand this aggression will come at a considerable cost, as the resistance stands prepared and vigilant.

Foreign Ministry: Israel’s Persistent Aggressions Indicate Its Defeat

Mekdad emphasized that Israel has consistently pursued a policy of territorial expansion, often at the expense of Palestinian and Syrian lands, and even encroaching on Lebanon and parts of Sinai in the Arab Republic of Egypt. Despite the establishment of the peace process, a period during which some had hoped for Israel’s withdrawal from the occupied Arab territories and the creation of an independent Palestinian state, the occupying entity instead intensified its efforts to displace Palestinians from Jerusalem and establish settlements throughout Palestinian territories. As a result, the prospects for establishing an independent Palestinian state have dwindled significantly.

Mekdad issued a warning against any Israeli attempts to further escalate their aggressive actions. He noted that such actions would come at a significant cost, as the resistance is fully prepared and determined. He also stressed, “Israel should be aware that without the establishment of a Palestinian state, there can be no lasting peace in the region. Without a complete withdrawal from the occupied territories, the region will not experience true peace. ” He further highlighted how the occupation entity has deliberately created circumstances that serve to perpetuate its control over occupied Arab territories, using time to solidify settlements at the expense of the Palestinian people and their rightful lands.

Mekdad emphasized that any endeavours to quell resistance are mere delusions, as these movements are born from the genuine aspirations of the people. Israel, through its prolonged occupation of Arab lands, its oppression of the Palestinian population, and its violations against their sacred sites, has left no alternative for the people of the region. It bears direct responsibility for the challenges afflicting the area and for driving the Palestinian people to pursue various means of regaining their rights and securing their future.

Mekdad also underscored that attempts to displace Palestinians to Egypt would undermine all existing agreements, as neither Egypt nor the Palestinian people can accept such a proposition. He further declared, “The future belongs to the Palestinians, with the establishment of their independent state, and Jerusalem as its capital.”  

Buthaina Shaaban, the Special Adviser in the Presidency of the Republic, expressed in a statement to al-Watan that the West has abandoned any pretense of impartiality. She argues that the West is effectively endorsing Israeli aggression by providing financial and military support to those responsible for the deaths of women and children within their own homes. She also criticizes the rhetoric that suggests Israel has the right to defend itself while no European country has issued condemnations for the killing of thousands of Palestinian civilians.

Shaaban highlights that the central issue is the Israeli-led war against an entire population, not just Hamas. She characterizes it as a war of extermination against the Palestinian people, with Western support. She suggests that this ongoing situation should prompt reflection in the Arab, Asian, and African regions and questions the future direction of the world in the face of this watershed moment and ongoing ethnic cleansing,

“They don’t consider the people they kill to be human beings, maybe inferior to human beings.” 

Shaaban emphasized the urgent need for a different perspective, a bold and sincere stance that can put an end to these deeply distressing massacres that go against the principles of humanity. Israel has violated numerous taboos, committed heinous crimes, and flouted international laws with impunity. Yet, there has been a conspicuous absence of condemnation from Western voices. This even extended to the prevention of aid reaching the suffering population. It seems that Western concerns primarily revolve around the well-being of “detainees,” as if they belong to a privileged class of humanity, while the lives lost are seemingly inconsequential. This attitude is extremely perilous and necessitates a united, resolute response from the Arab people and governments worldwide. What is occurring in Palestine carries global ramifications, affecting not only the Palestinians but the entire world.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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