SDF Decides to Transfer ISIS Members to Turkish Border for Trial in Ain al-Arab

The SDF said it will ensure that the trials of foreign ISIS members are conducted publicly, fairly, and transparently, according to Syria TV.

BasNews reported that the Autonomous Administration of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) plans to hold trials for ISIS members in the city of Ain al-Arab on the Syrian-Turkish border.

According to an informed source, the SDF has chosen the city of Ain al-Arab for its symbolic significance, as it was previously under the control of the ISIS group.

Recently, the Autonomous Administration in northeastern Syria announced its intention to initiate the trial of foreign “Islamic State” (ISIS) members who are in their custody.

In a statement posted on their Facebook account, they stated that this decision was made due to the lack of response from the international community regarding their appeals to countries to repatriate their citizens who joined the organization.

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The statement emphasized that the SDF will ensure that the trials of foreign ISIS members are conducted publicly, fairly, and transparently, in compliance with international and local laws on terrorism. The rights of the victims and their families will be preserved throughout the process.

While acknowledging the ongoing trials, the statement clarified that this does not indicate a change in their stance on the establishment of an international court or a court with an international mandate to address the issue of ISIS militants.

Furthermore, the Autonomous Administration called upon the international coalition, the United Nations, and relevant international and local human rights organizations to actively engage, participate, and provide support throughout all stages of the trials.

SDF detains 10,000 ISIS members 

According to the statement, the SDF has apprehended over 10,000 ISIS members from the Baghouz area, which was the organization’s final stronghold in Syria. These individuals are currently held in SDF detention centers, facing legal consequences for their actions. Additionally, the statement highlighted that a significant number of their family members, predominantly comprising women and children, are residing in camps located in northeastern Syria.

Furthermore, the statement revealed the immense sacrifices made by the SDF in its fight against ISIS. It disclosed that approximately 15,000 SDF members have tragically lost their lives during the battles against the terrorist group over the past years, while more than 25,000 others have sustained injuries in the line of duty.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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