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Shabeeha Kill Restaurant Owner Over Bill

Damascus neighborhoods on high-alert after shabeeha murder restaurant owner over bill
Shabeeha Kill Restaurant Owner Over Bill

A restaurant owner was killed in a brawl in the town of Jaramana, Damascus, after local shabeeha refused to pay a bill.


An activist from Jaramana told Siraj Press that the attack occurred at a restaurant in al-Khidir square yesterday.


After refusing to pay, a brawl erupted and onlookers intervened to break up the dispute, but the armed assailants later returned to the restaurant opening fire and killing its owner, Nabil Ghawi. Two others were also injured.


The city’s neighborhoods are currently in a state of alert, where local men have been stopping shabeeha and confiscating their weapons, the activist claimed.


The city’s elderly have reportedly requested the locals to exercise restraint.

Writer Maher Sharaf al-Din has said of the incident, "Alawite soldiers from the Fourth Brigade killed the young man Nabil Ghawi – a restaurant owner in Jaramana – after he quarreled with them because they refused to pay for their meal. More than 10 bullets were found in his body, while two other young men in the restaurant, Maamoun Salha and Yamen Dahbour, were also wounded.



This incident is not the first of its kind in Jaramana, where an Alawite officer recently entered the city in a tank, threatening civilians and their homes.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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