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Shaaban: Syrian State Triumphs in Any Battle It Leads

Assad's political aide tells The Syria Times that the army will move to new areas south of Damascus when the time is right
Shaaban: Syrian State Triumphs in Any Battle It Leads

Presidential political and media advisor Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban said that the liberation of the Eastern Ghouta has shown that the Syrian state triumphs in any battle it leads.

In an interview with a Syrian TV channel on Wednesday evening, Shaaban added that the Syrian state has its strategies regarding the war that has been waged against it, asserting Syria’s keenness on the liberation of all the Syrian territories.

”This is controlled by the time and the possibility of launching the war for liberating them,” she said.

“What happened before liberating the Ghouta is very similar to that before liberating Aleppo, as the Western media began to fabricate news and show locals of the Ghouta as suffering hunger, destruction and siege,” the presidential advisor elaborated, asserting that those media don’t care for the locals of the Ghouta but rather the media's tools, the gangs and terrorist organizations which lead the war against Syria.

She pointed out that there is a very serious social problem in the Ghouta where many women had suffered humiliation under the control of terrorists, and there are dozens of children without identity, revealing that on directive of President Bashar al-Assad a committee comprising 11 ministers was formed to form a plan for the problem of those children and to enroll them in schools.

“Teams of specialists are working day and night to help citizens erase those bad moments from their minds,” she said.

Shaaban stressed that Assad is interested in freeing all the Syrian abductees as the life of every Syrian person is very important for him.

In response to a question about the situation in the southern areas of Damascus, she said that the Syrian state is interested in these areas, such as with the Eastern Ghouta. “It is a question of time that depends on the military command, circumstances and the situation on the ground," she added.

She emphasized that the Syrian army will liberate every inch of Syria’s territory from terrorism.

On the request of the terrorists to move to Idleb, Shaaban said: “Idleb is a dear part of the Syrian territory like any other part. Ee were surprised at the beginning of the reconciliations by this request, but our only explanation is that Idleb is close to the authority of [Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan, godfather of the war against Syria, and where the terrorists feel protected. But Idleb, like Aleppo, Deir-ez-Zor, the Eastern Ghouta, Daraa and all the Syrian cities will return to the control of the Syrian state."

She clarified that the Syrian government’s stance has been clear from the beginning regarding encouraging reconciliations to avoid fighting that could cause destruction and bloodshed.

The political advisor concluded by saying that some parties may reconsider their accounts with regard to Syria, since they want to establish a relationship with the winner and Syria has won the war.

This article was edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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