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Regime Missiles Cause Massacre in Crowded Market in Douma

The strikes hit a crowded market packed with mostly women and children
Regime Missiles Cause Massacre in Crowded Market in Douma

The taregting of a busy market in Douma on the outskirts of Damascus has casued the martyrdom of eight people and wounded dozens, mostly women and children.


Two two simultaneous strikes hit the market in the afternoon. The strikes on the crowded market coincided with a violent missile attack targeting the city from several sides.


Commenting on the incident, media activist Aram Dumani, said that the number of martyrs is expected to increase due to a large number of injuries seen at ambulance points and said the search was still being conducted for those trapped under rubble.


The activist added that many women and children usually come to the market at that time of the day to secure their daily needs.


Dumani pointed out that the regime seemed to intend to cause such a large number of civilian casualties, because there is no military activity in this region.


The high number of casualties is due to regime's use of MIG 29 missiles which can be directed accurately.


"The regime uses MIG 29 missiles in raids on civilians, and these planes are newer than Sukhoi and the MiG 23. This new plane can target any area with directed missiles to cause the largest number of injuries and achieve its goals of destruction", the activist added.


The air strikes coincided with the simultaneous air raids targeting the city of Hammouriah in eastern Ghouta, resulting in a similar level of destruction and civilian casualties.


It seems that the regime is determined to kill civilians and continue its approach by the daily bombing and targeting eastern Ghouta. The planes were still flying over eastern Ghouta more than an hour after the start of the raids, which makes people fear new raids are looming.


The Revolution Coordination Committees in the city published pictures showing the size of the hole left by the fall of the missiles and the destruction of the market.


The pictures show the remains of children, women and men everywhere. The raids targeted the market at two sensitive points, where a large number of people usually gather.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer




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