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Kidnapped Man's Body Found in Sweida Countryside

Regime forces respond by executing Bedouin civilians
Kidnapped Man's Body Found in Sweida Countryside

Residents of Mujadel found on Monday the body of a young man kidnapped on Tuesday by a gang of armed Bedouins in the western countryside of Sweida.


The National Defense Forces in the village arrested eight Bedouin civilians after finding the body, executing two of them in a public square in the village, before handing over the remaining six to the military security branch in the province.


The village is in a state of tension with heavy security deployed shortly after the accident, according to the Smart Network.


Armed Bedouin gangs have repeatedly kidnapped and opened fire on civilians in the province over the past month. Some were released, including the member in the People Democratic Party and Damascus Declaration, Mashhour Nasr, while the fate of others is unknown until now.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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