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Halqi Renews Call for Gunmen to Lay Down Arms

Halqi was meeting with popular figures from Daraa
Halqi Renews Call for Gunmen to Lay Down Arms

Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi renewed call for young men who have taken up arms against the state to lay down their weapons and return to defend the homeland from foreign terrorists and mercenaries.


During his meeting Saturday with popular figures from Daraa province, Halqi reaffirmed that Daraa will remain, as it has always been, the homeland's "invincible shield", stressing the importance of backing the armed forces in confronting terrorism all over Syria.


"Popular figures and dignitaries in the province have a national, ethical and humanitarian duty to enhance communications among people of the homeland, realize national reconciliation, soar above wounds and keep fellow citizens from sliding into acts of violence and terrorism." he said.


Halqi underlined the role of clergymen in fighting takfiri Wahhabi thought that terrorist groups are trying to spread.


He confiemd that Syria is "well on the way to victory over terrorism and the fierce war waged against it,'' indicating the accelerating pace of reconciliation efforts in several areas, particularly in Damascus countryside, and the government's efforts to enhance the capabilities of the Syrian people.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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