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Daraya: After 800 Days Of Siege 

The city of Daraya stands almost empty after a barbaric regime campaign to eliminate all life inside the once-thriving city
Daraya: After 800 Days Of Siege 

In the early months of the Syrian Revolution’s second year, the regime initiated a barbaric campaign against the city of Daraya in the countryside of Damascus. The siege of the city has lasted more than 800 days, prompting its inhabitants to abandon it.


The city’s original population neared 300,000 people, but today it stands almost empty, where the statistics indicate that only 6,000 people – including 600 children – live inside the city. The number of military deaths is said to have reached 2,100, while the number of civilian deaths is recorded at 1,140 since the beginning of the siege.


The number of detainees from Daraya currently inside regime prisons is believed to be around 2,100 persons.


The regime has continually bombarded the city with various types of chemical weapons, missiles, warplanes, and helicopters since the siege began.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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