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Assad Buries Amnesty Through Arrest Campaign

People arrested include a number of detainees released by the recent presidential amnesty
Assad Buries Amnesty Through Arrest Campaign

Assad security forces have launched a campaign of arbitrary arrests in different cities, including Aleppo Hama, Homs, and Damascus.


The arrests included a number of detainees released by the presidential amnesty, according to the Syrian Network for Human Rights, which has documented 109 cases of arrest, including seven women, in more than 22 areas.


In Aleppo alone, 38 people were arrested, including two women. In Haman, 28 people were arrested, including  women, and another 22 people were arrested in Homs. In Damascus  there were 20 cases of arrest, including one woman.


The Human Rights Network expressed its concern about the expanding phenomenon, which began about a week after an amnesty decree was issued. The network fears recruiting the young detainees in the military service to compensate for the shortage in the ranks of regime's forces, especially after the increase in the number of the young men who escaped or defected from the army.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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