Anger Mounts in Dutch Towns Over Refusal to Take in Asylum Seekers; Romania Arrests 25 Syrian Migrants in Truck Carrying Chemicals

Romanian border police officers seized a truck containing chemicals, which was carrying 26 migrants from Syria and Turkey, according to al-Watan.

On Saturday, Romanian police arrested two Syrians and one Turk who were in a truck on their way to Europe. Some Dutch towns saw mounting anger from residents refusing to take in mostly Syrian asylum seekers. 

Media websites quoted Romanian police as saying in a statement: Romanian border police officers seized a truck containing chemicals, which was carrying 26 migrants from Syria and Turkey. The truck was caught trying to enter the Schengen area. 

According to the statement, the truck was carrying hydrochloric acid canisters on the road between Turkey and Germany. During searches at the border crossing checkpoint, police discovered that the seal of the truck was broken, and found the migrants hiding inside the trailer. 

Preliminary investigations by Romanian police showed that the truck was driven by a Turkish citizen. Inside the trailer containing the chemicals, were 25 Syrian asylum seekers and one Turkish migrant. 

In Denmark, Syrian Refugees Stuck in Camps with Rapists, War Criminals

One municipal official who attended the meeting with more than two hundred angry residents explained that “there were many people who were surprised by the decision. The dialogue was difficult, and the majority actually wanted these minor children not to come at all.” 

The Dutch official expressed understanding of the anger of the people, saying: “There was previously a center for asylum seekers in the village. There were also so many incidents that riot police had to intervene and eventually, the center was closed. 

Acting Mayor of Ooststellingwerf, Sandra Korthuis, assured angry residents that the priority now is to make the process run as smoothly as possible. 

The international conference on the return of Syrian refugees, held in November 2020 in Damascus, confirmed in its final statement that the government would continue its efforts to secure the return of refugees from abroad and secure a decent life for them, and its readiness not only to return its citizens to the homeland but also to continue all efforts to provide them with a decent living.


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