Meslet Calls on Syrians to Trust Decisions of their “Legitimate Representative”

Salem al-Meslet denied news circulated by media outlets and social media sites about reconciliation with the Assad regime, according to Baladi News.

The head of the Syrian National Coalition, Salem al-Meslet, denied the news circulated by media outlets and social media sites about reconciliation with the Assad regime, stressing that the rumours are unfounded.

“We are following up on the lies and misleading reports spread recently. These reports — put forward on social media and published by some media outlets without verifying their authenticity — are unfounded. It is necessary to confirm what is being reported about the Syrian National Coalition,” Meslet said, stressing that the coalition cooperates with media requests.

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Meslet categorically denied what was stated in the report presented by some media outlets about the coalition’s reconciliation with the Assad regime. Stressing that statements made are untrue and baseless. He called on all people to avoid being misled by some fabricators, who are constantly working to create divisions between the Syrian National Coalition and the free Syrian people by spreading lies.

“Rushing towards the regime means that we are abandoning our dignity and morals. This has not — and will not — happen. We have no dignity in shaking hands and reconciling with a criminal who destroyed Syria and killed its people,” Meslet said.

“We represent these free people, and we will not abandon their rightful demands to topple the Assad regime and prosecute its members. These demands were made by the Syrian people with the blood of hundreds of thousands of martyrs, tens of thousands of detainees, and millions of displaced people,” he said. “They are not negotiable.”

Meslet called on the Syrian people to trust the decisions of their “legitimate representative,” the Syrian National Coalition. He said that the coalition adheres to the principles of the Syrian revolution and cannot deviate from them for any reason whatsoever.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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