Assad Regime’s Chemical Attack on Eastern Ghouta: Nine Years without Accountability

The murderous regime has adopted the approach of terrorism, killing and destruction against the Syrian people, according to the SOC Media Department.

Today marks the anniversary of the Assad regime’s most brutal massacres in Syria, which it committed with the use of sarin nerve agent against civilians in eastern Ghouta near Damascus on August 21th, 2013, killing more than 1,400 people. It also marks the International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism, established in 2017.

The absence of international deterrence and accountability for this brutal massacre, and the confiscation of the crime weapon under UN Security Council Resolution 2118, instead of punishing the criminal, allowed the terrorist Assad regime to use barrel bombs, cluster bombs and dozens of lethal weapons over the previous years.

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The international community has deepened the wounds of the Syrian people as it failed to hold the Assad regime accountable for violating UN Resolution 2118 and using chemical weapons dozens of times. The Independent International Commission of Inquiry confirmed the Assad regime’s responsibility for the chemical attacks. The Commission also held the regime responsible for 32 war crimes that it carried out using chemical weapons. This requires international action under Chapter VII of the UN Charter per Article 21 of UN Resolution 2118. We renew our calls to hold the Assad regime accountable for its various crimes to serve justice for our people going through an unspeakable human tragedy because of the Assad regime.

The Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC) stresses that since day one, the murderous regime has adopted the approach of terrorism, killing and destruction against the Syrian people who demand freedom and dignity. Moreover, the Assad regime does not believe in and is not qualified for any political solution, as it responds to every initiative to revitalize the political process with a new massacre.

The SOC holds the international community responsible for the human tragedy in Syria represented by the continued killings, arrests and mass forced displacement by the Assad regime and its backers. The SOC laments the lack of serious efforts to enforce UN Security Council Resolution 2254, which guarantees a comprehensive political transition, and warns that any further delay will worsen the tragedy, crimes and violations.


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