Suqaylabiyah Bombing: Suicide Drone Hits “Russia’s Loyal Man”

Nabeel al-Abdullah, known as Russia's "loyal man" in the region, was injured as a result of the attack, according to al-Souria Net.

On Sunday, the shelling of a religious gathering in the city of Suqaylabiyah in the Hama countryside injured the commander of the National Defense militia, Nabeel al-Abdullah, known as Russia’s “loyal man” in the region.  

“Abdullah suffered a convulsive injury to the lumbar spine,” the official page of the National Defense in Suqaylabiyah said on Monday. 

“What happened at the moment of the fall of the shell was that the people behind him rushed and hit him (al-Abdullah), which led to a fracture of the fifth lumbar vertebra. It needs a subsequent examination,” the page said. 

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On Sunday, the Assad regime announced that a religious gathering in the city of Suqaylabiyah in Hama countryside had been bombed by “terrorist groups”.   

The Syrian regime’s news agency SANA said the bombing by a suicide drone left two dead and 12 wounded. 

For their part, several local networks circulated a video showing the moment of the targeting in front of a gathering of civilians during the opening of the Hagia Sophia Church in the city. 

No one claimed responsibility for the bombing until the time of writing, while it was remarkable that it had been carried out by a “suicide drone”. 

On Saturday, the commander of the National Defense militia, Abdullah, called for participation and attending the opening event of the Church of Hagia Sophia. 

In 2020, the church was imagined in response to the Turkish government’s move to open the Hagia Sophia building as a mosque in Istanbul. 


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