Syria calls on U.N. to Condemn Hatla Massacre

Foreign Ministry says the massacre was instigated by one of the Salafi sheikhs in Kuwait, Shafi al-Ajami

Nusra Front terrorists committed a massacre in Hatla village, in Deir El-Zor on June 12, killing dozens of people, mostly women and children, after they refused to support their criminal behavior, the Foreign Minister charged Thursday.


"The terrorists also looted and burglarized properties, burned houses and attacked places of worship places," the foreign ministry said in two identical letters sent to the U.N. Secretary General and President of the Security Council.


"Websites have broadcast videos documenting Nusra's massacre, instigated by one of the Salafi sheikhs in Kuwait, Shafi al-Ajami, who is also involved in funding and sending thousands of jihadists into Syria," the letter said.


"When a number of states refuse to condemn such crimes, they encourage terrorist groups to continue their crimes, committing massacres and targeting innocent civilians," the ministry said.


It said the continued public and direct support to terrorist groups by some countries, particularly Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey through funding, arming and hosting terrorist militias, and by the European Union's latest decision, sponsored by Britain and France, to lift an embargo on arming the opposition, are dangerous violations of the legal commitments imposed by the U.N. Security Council resolutions and the relevant international counter-terrorism treaties, pointing to 2001 resolution, 1373.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer





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