3-Year-Old Girl Goes Missing in Immigration Tragedy

The little girl appears to have made it to Sweden

Activists have circulated a photo of a three-year-old Homs girl Ritaj Yusuf al-Khalid, who became separated from her father in Greece last month when they were caught by the coast guards trying to immigrate.


The girl carried on her journey to Sweden with an Aleppo woman, called Hala Najah, who looked after her. However, it has been impossible to contact them since their arrival in Sweden, activists said.


Her father was returned to Turkey, in shock after losing his little girl.


Activists have appealed for help, especially from those working in relief, who may have access to information about the little girl’s whereabouts, whether in refugee camps or immigration directorates in Sweden.


The number of Syrian refugees in outside countries reached to 4 million according to the U.N.. People in Syria flee Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, besides European countries like France, Germany, Sweden, which is considered the most welcoming country for refugees.


The Immigration Directorate in Sweden estimated that number of asylum seekers’ application in Sweden reached to 11,000 in January this year.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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