Turkey Announces Special Security Zone Near Syria Border

Measure taken to ensure the safety of citizens and stabilize the security situation on the Syrian border, according to official announcement

A 10-day "special security zone" has been declared along two of Turkey’s border regions with Syria, according to the Turkish governorate of Gaziantep.

According to an official statement issued on Thursday, "some of the areas adjacent to the Syrian border in the state are declared special security zones for 10 days in order to stabilize the security situation on the Syrian border, ensure the safety of the lives and property of citizens, and eliminate the threats and potential risks".

According to the statement, the implementation of the resolution was due to begin at exactly 2:00 pm, July 30, and will continue until 2:00 pm, August 8.

The statement added: "consequently, the gendarmerie and the Directorate of State Security will inspect all vehicles and persons entering or leaving the safe zone, and might be prevented from entering the areas if deemed necessary. All the required security measures will be taken".

The state of Şanlıurfa Province in southern Turkey recently declared a number of points on the border with Syria "closed military zones", due to the clashes between the so-called Islamic State and Kurdish factions in Syria.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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