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Tawhid Commander Dies From Injuries

Abdelkader al-Saleh founded the brigade and was vocal against sectarianism
Tawhid Commander Dies From Injuries

The commander of  the Tawhid Brigade Abdelkader as-Saleh died on Sunday evening from injuries sustained in a regime air strike on a meeting of leaders of the brigade in the liberated infantry school in the Aleppo countryside.


Saleh was transported after his injuries to Gaziantep, before being transported by a private jet to a hospital in Ankara, where he died.


Aks al-Ser was told that the martyr was buried in the town of Mare, from where he descends.


Regime air forces targeted the meeting last Thursday, killing three leaders and wounding several others, including Saleh.


Saleh founded the Tawhid Brigade on 20 July, 2012 before announcing, in coordination with the military council of Aleppo, the launch of the battle of Furqan to liberate the city. The campaign had early success in liberating more than 50% of the city.


The martyr confirmed in all statements that the Syrian revolution is not sectarian, and aims to overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad and establish a democratic state that can accommodate all Syrians.


Tranlsated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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