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Syrian Government Geneva Delegation Leaked

Syria sends list of delegates that will attend the proposed Geneva 2 conference.
Syrian Government Geneva Delegation Leaked


A Syrian Foreign Ministry source has leaked the list of delegates, sent to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, that will attend the proposed Geneva 2 dialogue conference. The list included:


Wael al-Halqi, Prime Minister (Baath Party)

Qadri Jamil,  Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs  (Communist Party)

Omran al- Zoubi, Information Minister (Baath Party)

Ali Haidar, Minister of National Reconciliation (Syrian Socialist National Party)

Joseph Sweid, Minister of State (Syrian Socialist National Party)


The source said the names were chosen on the basis of confession including, Sunni, Christian, and Ismaeli, and not including an Alawite, to prove they don't have a concentration of power and don’t participate in decision-making. The source said President Bashar Assad is satisfied that the delegation contains two represtatives from Daraa and non-Alawites.


Two names that are considered as 'opposition' were also included to give a democratic impression of the regime, along with many names from Daraa, intended to show that those who fought in the city are in fact gangs and not representative of Daraa citizens.


Qadri Jamil has denied that his name is on the list, suggesting that he was included without consultation, as is a habit of the regime. 


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