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Kilo Sends Open Letter to Putin

Syrian dissident Michel Kilo has written to Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying:
Kilo Sends Open Letter to Putin

Mr President,


America is about to make a military strike against the Syrian regime. No one knows exactly what the outcome will be although there are many indications that there are likely to be serious consequences for the Syrian state and society, as well as the whole Arab region and the balance of power between its countries.


Russia may not be able to address these consequences and will drag the United States into a conflict that has no end in the most sensitive and vital region in the world.


It has becomes necessary to do something urgent to spare Syria a strike that may be a blitz at the hands of the greatest military force in history, after the Syrian regime led the country to a comprehensive national humanitarian disaster unprecedented in its history and the history of the region and the modern world .


Due to these considerations, and because of my assumption of your position towards Syria, which has sided with the regime and completely ignored its people and its miserable fate in a confounding way, I would like to suggest a way to get us out of this fatal equation.


If you remove Bashar Assad, his family and regime from power and from Syria, we will ask the United States to refrain from a military strike against the regime.


If the U.S does not respond, we will announce frankly and clearly our opposition to any military action, and we will ask our people and the Free Syrian Army to resist the U.S. if it does not agree to our wishes.


I think that this proposal preserves your dignity, and offers you a critical refrain from supporting Bashar Assad and his regime. It may preserve something of your relationship and your interests in our country after the demise of its current regime, and it may prevent fundamentalism, which you fear and we refuse.


It may prevent pushing our country into a descent in to armed chaos which will not be easy to confront and it will keep some balance in the relations and interests between you and the United States in our region.


It will prevent Washington from eating the fruits of your Syrian mistakes and moving you out of our country if it intervened militarily to win a comprehensive victory against this sleazy regime that is no longer able even to fight the Free Syrian Army but painstakingly and only in certain areas.


You may have observed the strain on the Syrian regime's army in Khan al-Assal and Minnigh Airport, and in the battle of the coast. You would understand that it has begun its final decline and that the salvation of the person who caused your defeat in our country may have been the best choice to achieve a political solution which we welcome and pledge to implement, based on the six points of the Geneva 1 agreement.


The Geneva items were provided by the Syrian opposition for the regime, and then accepted by the Arab League before being adopted by Kofi Annan. The agreement is based upon the formation of a transitional government checks the powers of Assad to move Syria from its current system to an alternative system of democracy and freedom, demanded by the Syrian people.


It is the goal of the revolution and the only real solution to the dilemma threatening our country, regional security and peace in the world.


You will not have any role in this political solution if you keep supporting Assad and his regime, and challenging our people who are determined to attain freedom, no matter what sacrifices it takes.


The Americans say that the strike will take place within days. This means that you have few days to contribute positively to get us all out of a long conflict that will be impossible to resolve through your violent ways, which do not respect the rights of Syrians and do not agree with your responsibility as a superpower.


Get to work, move Assad and his entourage from Syria to wherever you want, and we will declare acceptance of a political solution to put an end to this long tragedy  devouring everything we have and which will reach everywhere in the world, including Russia.


This is your best choice, the only choice that means the country doesn’t fall in to the hands of the United States, which will maintain its independence and sovereignty, and therefore some of your interests in it.


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer


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