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First Lady Asma al-Assad Attends her Son’s Graduation Ceremony in Moscow

Al-Watan praised Hafez al-Assad for "demonstrating exceptional academic prowess" as he completed his Masters in Pure mathematics.
First Lady Asma al-Assad Attends her Son’s Graduation Ceremony in Moscow

Hafez al-Assad earned a master’s degree in pure mathematics from Moscow Lomonosov State University (МГУ). Under the guidance of Professor Vladimir Chubarikov, he excelled as the top student in his batch and achieved a remarkable overall average, receiving a red certificate with honours. Furthermore, he successfully passed the national exam conducted by the university with distinction and defended his master’s thesis in the field of number theory.

During his penultimate year of study, Hafez demonstrated exceptional academic prowess and took advantage of the university’s program for distinguished students, allowing him to complete the coursework for the final two years simultaneously.

Recognizing Hafez’s exceptional achievements, Mrs. Asma al-Assad, upon receiving a special invitation from the Presidency of Moscow State University (МГУ), attended the graduation ceremony to honour her outstanding students.

Hafez al-Assad actively participated in the Olympiad Scientific Team in mathematics, later assuming the role of coach for aspiring Olympiad students for several years. He also obtained his secondary education certificate with distinction in 2018 before pursuing further studies at the Higher Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology. Subsequently, he continued his academic journey at МГУ University.


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