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Editorial: Do Syrians Need Geneva II?

The Saudi envoy Ahmed Jarba is working for his terrorist masters only
Editorial: Do Syrians Need Geneva II?

In my opinion, what Syrians need urgently is not Geneva II. Our only dire need is to combat terrorism.


Once the multinational terrorists from more than 80 countries are flushed out and eliminated, the crisis in Syria is no more a crisis and the real battle of building and reconstruction could get underway.


Astonishingly, the media made a fuss this week that the Saudi envoy, Ahmad Jarba announced, according to Reuters, a willingness to attend Geneva II. OK! But who is Jarba and his so-called Coalition anyway? Jarba asked for a transitional period to usurp the Syrian collective will for a strong Syria. Syria's population is more than 23 million Syrians, and yet Jarba, the "yes man" of Bandar Bin Sultan, has committed crimes against the Syrian people that are unforgiveable.


Officially, the Syrian government has repeatedly announced its willingness to attend Geneva II without preconditions. Syria's willingness in no way contradicts President Bashar Assad's January 6th proposal outlining a solution to the crisis and the subsequent implementation plan. However, the Wahhabi Jarba wants now to impose his masters and terrorists' preconditions?!


Certainly, Syrians would attend Geneva II as planned and not to hand over power to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, France, Turkey and certainly not to the U.S. Syrians, represented by their legitimate and elected government, would attend to study mechanisms for a solution, mainly on how to halt foreign meddling and support for the cannibal, infidel terrorists on operating on Syrian soil.


Syrians, who are fond of the ballot boxes and not of bullets, will attend to discuss ways and means that lead to the ballot box. The cake to be divided will be exclusively made in Syria, and foreigners, much less cannibals, are not invited.


This is a Syrian family affair. The majority have a mother in Syria and a father in President Assad. No power on earth can force the majority to renounce their mother or their father. For at  least 6,000 years of civilization the Syrian people have remained the legitimate sons of their mother and father, which can be proved only via DNA and the ballot box.


Let us wait and see. Until then, all the ewes and Obama-like leaders should shut their mouths and leave us at peace before the region in its entirety is shredded to pieces.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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