After Electricity, Water Minister Visit, Lattakia “Blessed” With 1.5 Hours of Supply

The ministers met with those concerned in Lattakia to propose solutions for the coastal governorate, according to Athr Press.

Lattakia has been enduring deteriorating electricity provision for a long time, with harsh rationing that reduces supply to half an hour or even 10 minutes, compared with 5.5 hours of cuts. The drinking water crisis has returned to the forefront of the suffering of the local community, in light of water scarcity here and a long interruption of up to two weeks there.

The electricity and water supply was the main objective of the visit of the Ministers of Electricity and Water Resources to Lattakia. The ministers met with those concerned in Lattakia to propose solutions for the coastal governorate, which is rich in water yet has found the problems difficult to solve for years. The most important priority is increasing the electricity supply and exempting pumping stations from rationing in a step that will ensure the delivery of water to Lattakia’s cities.

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According to Athr Press’ correspondent, the meeting was held at the governorate building. It featured both the Ministers of Electricity, Eng. Ghassan Al-Zamil and Water Resources, Dr. Tammam Raad, as well as the governor of Lattakia and the administrative and technical cadres. These figures coordinated between the Electricity Company and the Water Corporation to improve the amount of drinking water supplied in all areas of the governorate. They agreed to strengthen the electricity supply programs on pumping stations in the axes required by the Water Corporation according to the capabilities and need and to secure additional quantities of diesel for generators in areas that are not exempt from rationing.

During the meeting, Al-Zamil indicated that it aims to coordinate efforts and develop proportional supply programs between the Electricity Company and the Water Corporation, with a focus on reducing the exemption program from electricity rationing in areas where drinking water is sufficiently available. At the same time, they propose to increase exemptions for pumping stations, stressing that the ministry will work to meet the water sector’s needs.

As soon as the two ministers met with those concerned, Lattakia saw a significant improvement in that the increased electrical supply will help water to reach the upper floors, in addition to saving money from not buying trucked water or fuel for electricity generators to operate water pumps.

Others noted that the improvement in electricity coverage would not be “instantaneous”, as the governorate until now still suffers from poor water pumping. They demanded that the unjust rationing that the governorate suffered from in the past should not return.

It should be noted that the Lattakia governorate awaits the activation of the Rastan power plant. It has reached the stage of conducting trials on the station’s first gas turbine, which has achieved complete success. This development contributes positively and directly to improving the provision of electricity in Syria in general, and Lattakia in particular.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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