Opinion: Let Us Announce Our Defeat

"It is Syrians alone — opposition or loyalist — who have no interest in continuing the conflict and this absurd war, and this back and forth between two nihilistic forces, the regime and its opposition"

“If this revolution had any control, I would issue orders to withdraw from all fronts and announce a complete surrender before this regime and raise the white flag in every Syrian village and town, and then a year later, give or take, this regime would fall of its own accord, and dissolve and fall apart. It will be toppled by its internal contradictions, which will appear horribly. It will be toppled by its many heads and leaders whom Bashar al-Assad will not be able to contain. It will be toppled by its criminal militias. It will be toppled by many factors, which there is not enough room to list here. This regime of war and emergency cannot live or breather outside of it.”

The post above was not a quick reaction to a live event or a view coming in an emotional Facebook moment. It is a conscious act and a serious call to end the absurd war: To announce our surrender.

It is understandable and justifiable that many Syrians oppose this kind of call as a result of their long experience with the Syrian regime and its ability and proficiency at all times to reproduce itself offering “statelyservices to a monstrous global regime which does not care about people’s freedom or their right to decide their destiny. What is absent, perhaps, from the minds of many of these Syrians is that the validity of this Syrian regime has ended. Its presence and continuity now is a product of apathy and inertia which has wrapped up everyone. The matter of burying this decomposing corpse is not far off, since no one is able to bear its putrid stench for a long time, even its main allies, Russia and Iran, which have only clung to it — so far — in expectation of a political solution which preserves their interests in tomorrow’s Syria.

All of this booby-traps the body of this regime, and it will be subject to successive explosions increasing its disintegration if its death is not inevitable.

Maybe the American administration is smart — in contrast to what is rumored and said — in that it knows that time is not on the side of Russia and Iran, and that they are playing on borrowed time. The continuation of the game of biting fingers between them means, as it means for the Americans, the further decomposition of the Syrian regime and fully wearing it out. Its army has not become an army. The entity called the Syrian Arab Army lacks the most basic elements of centralization, hierarchy, capacity, morale and armament. The structure of the regime which Hafez al-Assad “oversaw” and claimed by his heir, has not remained coherent, but has been forced by the revolution to a terrible disintegration.

Add to the above, and all the evidence of the disintegration of the regime and the impossibility of restoring it, the breakup of its ideology and its full stripping by the forceful Iranian intervention inside Syria through mercenary Shiite militias and its future explosion after the war has come to an end through the conflict of interests and the variation of aims and the doctrinal confusion. All of that booby-traps the body of the regime and it will be subjected to successive explosions, increasing its disintegration if its death is not inevitable.

A lot of evidence can be listed about the end of the Syrian regime’s time and the difficulty of clinging to it, whether domestically, regionally or internationally. But in the game of time, and biting fingers, and conflict of interests, and in the conflict in Syria and against it, it is Syrians alone — opposition or loyalist — who have no interest in continuing the conflict and this absurd war, and this back and forth between two nihilistic forces, the regime and its opposition, including jihadis and takfiris, backed by foreign powers who have taken our young men as fuel and Syria an arena to dump their conflicts which have nothing to do with us. First it’s the Russian-American conflict, then the Sunni-Shiite conflict, then the Saudi-Qatari conflict, then the Iranian-Saudi, and so on and so on.

There is no interest for Syrians in what is happening in their country. The only beneficiary is the foreign powers venting their internal problems through us and the Syrian mafioso regime, cutting off a piece of Syria’s past, present and future every day and selling it on the international slave market.

This call for Syria’s sake which is wobbling and dissolving before our eyes every day — there is no strength or power for us — it may be romantic, as some of us like to call it, but it becomes realistic if we find social and political support for it, and the will and patience and design.

It is directed at every Syrian, of every ethnicity, origin, belief and opinion who believes and knows that the conflicting forces of this war do not want it to end or be resolved or halted — they want us to remain fuel and firewood and a battlefield far from their borders and nations.

The call, to turn it from speech into action, requires clear and specific mechanisms. And it is inevitable here, to guarantee implementation and success, to go, even if forced, through representatives and agreed-upon national figures to the General Assembly of the United Nations, stressing one goal and one goal only: We the Syrian people — opposition and loyalist — announce our surrender before this monstrous regime, locally and internationally, which has devoured half of us, and expelled those that remain in Syria and abroad, and we would like you to provide all legal and political and moral means to ensure the preservation of what remains of us, and in that, show dignity and respect for the human race in general and Syrians in particular, who fear they will be eliminared, therefore showing the dignity and respect before your consciences, your people, and your children.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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