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Zoubi Says Presidential Elections Top Political Reform

Zoubi outlines Assad's general reform agenda
Zoubi Says Presidential Elections Top Political Reform


Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi said on Monday that political reform constituted one of the most prominent pillars of development presented by President Bashar Assad.


In an editorial, 'The Institution of Difference', published in Tishreen newspaper, Zoubi pointed out that reform was widely and elaborately discussed in the partisan and non-partisan forums due to its priority and role in a comprehensive reform process.


"The political reform reached its constitutional peak when a date was set to hold presidential elections under an internal political climate that represents huge shifts in the state's construction and its political system based on practicing authority through the ballot," the Information Minister said.


Zoubi criticized the incomprehensible refusal of the political reform process by some political powers claiming to be reformers, describing it as  "political absurdity " that conforms to the concept of chaos. The minister called on all parties to make a political review based on bets on chaos as a political tool that no longer existed or is possible. He said the need to build the homeland and the country on a democratic basis necessitates an admission that what has been accomplished of political reform was general, abstract and comprehensive.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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