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Syrians Selling Organs to Survive

Doctors say they are receiving more and more demands from patients, according to Athr Press.
Syrians Selling Organs to Survive: Doctors say they are receiving more and more demands from patients, according to Athr Press.
Syrians Selling Organs to Survive

There has been talks over the past period about selling human organs in Syria in exchange for money, even though it is punishable by law. 

Dr Ammar al-Rahi, a specialist in kidney surgery, said he receives a lot of calls from people and even females who want to offer their kidneys for sale. 

Speaking to local radio Radio Melody, Rahi said he receives daily from 2-3 calls in this regard, stressing that the sale of organs is legally prohibited and punished severely and totally rejected. 

He noted that the kidney transplant in Syria needs the patient and the donor to come with a legal declaration from the notary stating that the donation was made free of charge, neither currently nor later, after which the operation will be performed. 

When asked why, Rahi pointed out that the caller says, “I want to donate because this is a humanitarian act!” These figures have doubled during the current economic hardship over the past two years. 

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The doctor indicated that even some people who work in hospitals inquire by saying that they want to donate, considering that this is the only way left for some.

Dr Ahmed Ghazal, a scientific official on the Board of Directors of the Syrian Scientific Society for Urology, said that many inquiries are received from people who want to sell the kidney and testicles as a result of the difficult economic conditions and the repercussions of the crisis. 

Ghazal stressed that the natural transplant process has never happened in Syria because it is a very unsuccessful medical operation. It is unlikely that these operations will be conducted because they are very accurate and need expert and microscopic tools, but the difficult financial situation prompts some to think about this matter, especially after a global cover-up on the subject “that testicular implants can help to reproduce”, but this is not scientific at all.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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