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People Key to Rebuilding: PM

Halqi says next phase of the rebuilding process will focus on human resources
People Key to Rebuilding: PM

Human beings are the key to rebuilding Syria, Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi said on Monday.


During a meeting with members of the Teachers Syndicate's executive bureau Halqi said that the government will focus on developing human resources and participation in the struggle against violence, exclusion and extremism, in the next phase of the rebuilding process.


Halqi said that despite the economic war being waged on Syria, the government is working to employ all available resources in an optimal manner and to improve the living conditions of citizens. He noted that work is already underway to provide supplies to all areas, particularly Aleppo, where conditions are improving after convoys carrying food and medical supplies began arriving.


The Aleppo governor, Mohammad Wahid Aqqad said that the government's rapid efforts to deliver basic materials and food to Aleppo have been successful, and that several convoys carrying large amounts of food and fuel have arrived in the city.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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