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Millions of Students Return to New School Year

Syria's 2015/2016 school year commences with around 4 million students returning to class in spite of continued conflict
Millions of Students Return to New School Year

Around 4 million school students are due to return to about 15,000 schools this week, where the new school year is set to commence Sunday September 13.

In a letter posted on the Ministry of Education’s website, minister Hazwan al-Waz said the start of the new school year emphasizes the Syrian people’s will to face the terrorist war waged against their homeland.

Waz added that the ministry’s educational department aims to ensure the appropriate learning environment for students, including school vicinities, books and educational means, to make the educational process a success.

The minister also appreciated the department’s sacrifices, specifically those teachers who have spared no effort to ensure the educational process inside Syria continues.

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