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Coalition Delegation Rejects Government Communiqué

The Syrian government delegation presented a statement of principles at Geneva on Monday
Coalition Delegation Rejects Government Communiqué

The Syrian Arab Republic's official delegation to the Geneva II conference Monday presented the "basic elements of a political communique" which the coalition delegation of the so-called "opposition" promptly rejected.


The communique affirmed respect for Syria's sovereignty, restoring its occupied lands, preserving its establishments, and abandoning all forms of extremism, fanaticism and infidel ideas.


The communiqué rejects all forms of foreign interference and affirms that the Syrian people alone decide on their country's future using democratic methods. It also stressed that no part of Syria can be relinquished.


The communique said that the Syrian Arab Republic is a democratic country based on political pluralism, the rule of law, independence of the judiciary and citizenship, along with national unity and cultural diversity through protection of all components of Syrian society, protection of personal freedoms, and the right for Syrians to choose their political system without compromising on any subject unacceptable to the syrian people from any imposed formulae.


The communique asks all countries to prevent the supply of weapons or the training or harboring of terrorists,  in addition to stopping all kinds of media incitement of terrorist acts in accordance with international resolutions relevant to combating terrorism.


The communique also noted that the state institutions had cost people, money and hard work and therefore must be preserved, stressing the need to preserve and protect all state institutions,  utilities, infrastructure, public and private properties.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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