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Adonis Against Syrian Regime, But Says Rebels Worse

The writer also criticises the failure of the leftist movement
Adonis Against Syrian Regime, But Says Rebels Worse


Syrian writer Adonis has once again attacked the Syrian revolution, saying he believes the rebels are worse than then regime they rebelled against.


"The mass of Syrian people, the real mass represented in the cities and in the economic, intellectual and human society did not participate effectively in the revolution," Adonis said.


"I support the idea of changing in order to transform, I support the changeable and vital society and I support the mentality of revolution, but any revolution has morals, has values and humane dimensions."


"One of the things that surprised me is that the revolution was worse than the things it rebelled against, though it was right in principle to rebel against the regime and I am with a revolution against it," Adonis added.


Adonis said it has been proven that the revolution had been "imported", adding it was "carried out by imported tools, while this gave me more faith in the Syrian people, because Syrian people are not against the revolution at all, but they are against the methods that lead to results contrary to the revolution itself."


Adonis described the old leftist movement as a "failure on all levels".


"Actually, it didn’t only fail, it was one of the bases of failure. The leftists have forgotten that they did nothing since 1950 except change regimes without actual change. It is important to change the basic structure of regimes. This was one of the greatest faults of our leftist colleagues," he said.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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