Welcome to the New Syrian Observer!

The Syrian Observer has been redesigned and is offering a wealthier editorial content as we seek to improve our coverage of Syria

Twenty months after its initial launch, we have redesigned the website and added a number of new features as we seek to better meet our readers’ expectations.

Let me brief you about these changes:

Design wise, while we have kept the main color and font codes, we have allowed for much more white space, images and graphics. We think that this brighter and cleaner look will bring to our readers an easier reading and browsing experience.

In terms of layout, the website remains centered but now each of the sections are featured on the homepage with a selection of at least three of the latest and most prominent articles.

In terms of its content offering, The Syrian Observer now aims to serve increasingly as a news portal on Syria.

Our core editorial production remains the translation of news, features and analysis pieces from Syrian publications and authors as we continue to inform our international audience on how Syrians see and write about the war gripping their country and the profound political and societal changes brought about since the beginning of the uprising nearly four years ago.

In addition to that, however, our readers will be able to browse every day a selection of the best articles and reports written on Syria around the globe that we will post in our new “From the web” section.

Also, the new Twitter feed section follows and publishes a number of prominent writers, researchers and activists working and writing on Syria.

Another addition we are bringing to the website is multimedia content. We will be uploading regularly videos and audio recordings that will shed light on some of the latest news developments but that will also highlight different aspects of Syrian society.

I hope you will enjoy continuing reading The Syrian Observer.

Jihad Yazigi

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