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Jordan Doubles Fees on Syrian Trucks

Jordan has imposed taxes on Syrian trucks that are more than double the amount levied by Syria on Jordanian trucks, according to Sham FM.

Decline in Number of Young Men in Syria

Migration, violent conflict, and military conscription have reduced the ratio of men to women in Syria drastically, according to SY24.

Tartous: Death of a Brigadier General

On Sunday evening, a senior regime officer died of wounds sustained as a result of an attack in Deir-ez-Zor, just 24 hours after the death of another high-ranking officer from the Tartous governorate, Baladi News reports.

24 Arsonists Executed in Syria

On Wednesday, Syria executed 24 people accused of igniting last year’s wildfires, which left 3 people dead and burnt thousands of hectares of forests, according to Athr Press.

Report: Syrians Detained and Forced to Elect Assad

The Syrian regime detained thousands of citizens to force them to vote for Assad in the presidential elections, among other intimidation methods, according to Jesr press.