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Assad Cousin Kills Two Soldiers

Bashar Telal al-Assad killed two soldiers taking part in the funeral of one of the regime army’s soldiers last Friday in the Qurdaha region of Latakia

Maan Movement calls for the release of political prisoners

Maan (Together) Movement, a civil society group, called for the release of all political prisoners from the Syrian prisons and detention centers, and focuses on recent campaigns waged by the government to arrest activists from the Syrian Communist Action Party.

Syrian security forces arrest a human rights Lawyer

Syrian security forces arrested on Sunday Majdoline Hasan, a female lawyer who has been active in defending political prisoners and took part in the Syrian revolution since the first days in March 2011.

Entering subsistence

One of the main questions surrounding the Syrian uprising at the beginning of 2012 was if and when an economic collapse would occur. As the year draws to a close, the question has instead become whether one can still talk of “a” Syrian economy as such.