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Assads Forces Suffer Losses in Idleb, Daraa and Badia

Many regime officers have recently died in various regions of Syria, according to Shaam News Network.
Idleb Badia Daraa
Assads Forces Suffer Losses in Idleb, Daraa and Badia

Shaam News Network monitored the killing and wounding of several soldiers, most of whom were officers with the rank of first lieutenant in the ranks of the regime’s militias in separate areas, distributed in the southern countryside of Idleb, Daraa governorate, and the Badia of Deir-ez-Zor governorate.

In detail, Lieutenant Omar Samir Gabriel, a resident of Aleppo’s Hamdaniya neighborhood, was killed. His counterpart, Youssef Adnan Saleh, from the village of Harfa, was killed in the southern Syrian governorate of Quneitra. 

Lieutenant Obadah Ahmed Fueti is from the village of al-Mawlid. He was killed in Qardaha, Latakia countryside. Ali Nabih Khader was killed in the Badia of Deir ez-Zor, according to news pages loyal to the Assad regime. 

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In Daraa, two law enforcement officers were killed in Tartous –Ali Suleiman, Hanin Moussa– and two others were injured, after targeting a police patrol on the international highway between Khirbet Ghazala and the town of Dael in the northern countryside of Daraa. 

Pro-regime pages mourned Ammar Muhammad Ibrahim from the village of Zamiliya in the countryside of Masyaf stating that the incident is “the result of a malfunction during the cleaning of weapons”, as they described. They pointed out that Maher, Ammar’s brother, was killed in previous battles while he was in the ranks of the regime’s militias.

On March 23, Shaam Network monitored the deaths of several military personnel in various areas, including officers of high military ranks. Pro-regime news pages indicated that the corpses of Assad’s forces had been found in the countryside of Aleppo, while local sources confirmed the killing and wounding of about 33 soldiers of the regime militias in the Syrian badia. 

It is noteworthy that pages affiliated with the regime’s militia announced the launch of what they said was a combing operation in the Badia. Pro-regime sources mourn several deaths as a result of these operations, whether in an attack against them or the explosion of explosive devices and landmines, including mysterious assassinations in separate areas of the countryside of Homs and Hama. Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor.


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