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Assad Regime Arrests Survivors of Boat Sinking in Tartous

Security services arrested the young men under the pretext that they are wanted for compulsory service, according to Zaitoun Agency.
Assad Regime Arrests Survivors of Boat Sinking in Tartous

The Action Group for Palestinians of Syria revealed that the security services of the Assad regime arrested several young Syrians and Palestinians who survived the sinking of the boat off the Syrian coast. 

The Action Group explained in a report that the security services of the regime arrested the young men under the pretext that they are wanted by security for compulsory service. They still have not confirmed the names and identities of the detainees. 

The Aleppo Eyewitness Network, which is reporting the news of Syrian refugees, published a post on its Facebook page in which it talked about confirmed information received from inside the al-Bassel Hospital in Tartous. The information confirms that the regime’s security services arrested survivors of the sinking of the boat in Tartous, some of whom are of Palestinian nationality. 

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The Consolidated Rescue Group, which specializes in receiving distress calls from asylum seekers to EU countries, warned of a dangerous fate that could threaten the lives of some survivors of the sunken Lebanese boat off the coast of Tartous.  

The Rescue Group expressed its fears of the arrest and torture of the regime’s security services to the survivors of the boat, especially since most of them were Syrian refugees in Lebanon who preferred the sea and facing death than returning to areas controlled by the Assad regime.  

The Lebanese High Relief Commission announced that the death toll of the sinking boat in Syrian territorial waters has risen to 98, including Syrians, Lebanese and Palestinians. 

In a statement to the Lebanese Information Agency, the secretary-general of the Commission, Mohammed Kheir, pointed out that there are five Lebanese, two Palestinians and 12 Syrian survivors in the Bassel hospital in Tartous. 

On Friday, the Lebanese Red Cross on the border with Syria began the process of receiving the bodies of several Lebanese and Palestinians who died in the incident.


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