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Syria’s AANES Faces Considerable Difficulties

The AANES said it could not attend sessions to discuss the political solution in Syria due to the "Turkish veto," according to North Press.
Syria’s AANES Faces Considerable Difficulties

An official of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) said on Wednesday that economic siege, water outage, and Turkish threats are the most considerable “fateful” challenges facing the AANES.

On Tuesday, the AANES commemorated the fourth anniversary of its founding in the presence of its officials in the city of Raqqa, northern Syria.

Luqman Ahme, the official spokesperson of the AANES said that the dire economic situation represents a “serious challenge” to the AANES with the continued closure of the most important crossings in northeastern Syria, which is al-Ya’rubiyah (Tel Kocher). 

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Ahme indicated that the border crossings linking the AANES areas with other Syrian regions are subject to the policy of the parties of the Syrian conflict, whether in opposition-held areas or the government ones.  

Ahme pointed out that Turkey’s use of Euphrates River and Alouk water station as a weapon against NE Syria’s regions is another challenge to the AANES.

He mentioned that Turkey’s retention of the water flow of the Euphrates River led to the decline of agricultural production, which is the main source of income in the region. 

The AANES spokesperson pointed out that the continuation of Turkish attacks against NE Syria and the threats of new military operations are also challenges that may destabilize the region.

He added that the AANES could not attend sessions to discuss the political solution in Syria due to a “Turkish veto.”


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