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Syrian Migrants Reach 1.33 Million

New report says massive rise in unemployment and negative birth rates
Syrian Migrants Reach 1.33 Million

The Syrian Center for Policy Research said in a new report that the number of Syrians that have immigrated voluntarily due to the crisis has reached 1.33 million.


The report also said some 300,000 people have become unemployed in the first quarter of 2013.


The Damascus-based center, in the report, titled 'Syrian Crisis: the Economic and Social Impact' released on Sunday said that "the population growth rate has decreased because of immigration from Syria in addition to an increase in the number of Syrian refugees, which has reached 1.3 million."


International reports estimated that the number of Syrian refugees has exceeded 1.6 million refugees in neighboring countries, while the number of internally displaced people has reached 4.25 million people.


Syrians are suffering from difficult economic conditions, with many having lost their jobs and as a result of the impact of violence and military operations on the economy, in addition to the closure of many plants and facilities, accompanied by a huge rise in prices and a shortage in fuel, the report found.


All these, along with "one-sided international diplomatic and economic sanctions" have put a burden on Syrians.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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