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Major Amendments to Syria’s Conscription Law

Major General Suleiman highlighted that tens of thousands will be demobilized by year-end.
Major Amendments to Syria’s Conscription Law

The Director General of the General Administration at the Ministry of Defense, Major General Ahmed Youssef Suleiman, affirmed that the General Command, under the leadership of the Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Armed Forces, closely monitors the interests and concerns of those in reserve, compulsory service, and volunteers. He emphasized that all regulations and decisions are geared towards advancing an army that relies on voluntary service.

In an interview with the Al-Souriya channel, Major General Suleiman detailed that, pursuant to the administrative order issued on 2-6 of this month, reserve officers with a year or more of service as of 30-6 will be discharged, while non-commissioned officers and personnel with six years or more will also be discharged. He clarified that individuals who reach forty years of age and have completed two years of reserve service will be automatically discharged without needing a new administrative order.

Major General Suleiman added that a schedule has been established for reserve service, structured into three phases. The initial phase, running from 1-7-2024 to the year’s end, will see the discharge of those with six years of service by the end of June, five and a half years by August, five years by October, and four and a half years by December 31, 2024. He noted that the effectiveness of this phase will be evaluated before proceeding to the next.

Continuing, Major General Suleiman outlined the second phase starting the following year, beginning with the discharge of those with four years of service by January’s end, three and a half years by February’s end, three years by March’s end, two and a half years by April’s end, and two years by May’s end of 2025. He emphasized that the maximum reserve service duration will be two years in the third phase, based on age and service years, with adjustments to the timeline depending on enlistment rates.

Major General Suleiman highlighted that tens of thousands will be demobilized by year-end, and a similar number the following year while ensuring readiness and safeguarding national interests. He also mentioned an upcoming legislative measure regarding allowances for those aged 38 with specific service periods, instead of 40 years, allowing for optional compensation for those exempted from compulsory service due to disabilities.


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