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Iraqi Militias Rape Girls, Slaughter Young Men

Daughter recalls the day she was raped and her father and brothers were killed
Iraqi Militias Rape Girls, Slaughter Young Men

Umm Adnan was living a normal life with her family like any other Syrian family in the town of Jdaydat al-Fadl, in the countryside of Damascus.
But the 21 April, 2013 was not a normal day. It was a day saw a bloody scenes that made Umm Adnan lose her mind after her husband and sons were killed and her young daughter raped in front of her eyes.


The daughter related what happened: "I had four brothers, one was fighting in the western countryside of Ghouta and three stayed with us at home. On the day of the massacre, a group of Iraqi militias entered our house and turned it upside down searching for weapons."


"They found no weapons, but they found something else; my brothers who tried to hide on the roof," she said.


"My brothers were 8, 12 and 18 years old. The Iraqis led them to the yard of the house and then handcuffed them, along with my parents. They dragged me to the yard and began to rape me, one after another, in front of my family."


"They left me bleeding. Then they brought my father forward and slaughtered him in front of us, then my elder brother, then the younger, then the youngest. They were in a hysterical state, they seemed not human. The hardest part was when they obliged my mother to wade in the blood of my brothers."


After they finished, they left me with my mother in an indescribable situation. After a while, I tried to pull myself together and wear something to go to call for help. I tried to carry my mother and pull her from the blood, but she refused and kept playing with my brothers blood. I tried many times, but I couldn’t. I finally realized that my mother had lost her mind."


"A few days later, my uncle came and took us to his farm, where I have lived with my mother for months," she said, concluding.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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