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Internal Transport Sector Witnesses Improvements

Syrian government develops plans to reactivate role of state-owned public transportation body after more than 250 million SYP lost to armed group attacks
Internal Transport Sector Witnesses Improvements

An official source at the Ministry of Local Administration claims transportation in Damascus has improved by 35 percent after receiving 200 million Syrian pounds from the government to reform the internal transportation buses and secure their spare parts. The source revealed the arrival of 100 new buses at the beginning of April, in addition to the preparations for purchasing 100 more buses – 50 of them dedicated to Damascus and 50 for other provinces.

The source added that the losses of the Internal Transportation Company exceeded 260 million Syrian pounds resulting from attacks carried out by armed groups. The source noted that the buses will operate on three lines in the city of Damascus, and three lines in the governorate of Damascus countryside.

The source indicated that the government has developed an urgent plan to reactivate the role of the company and solve problems related to investing in public transport. The company is currently discussing a fair tariff for transport fares in order to satisfy the citizen and the economic feasibility of the owner to ensure continuation of service.

The transport body is considering amendments to regulations related to the transport sector in the city, including the priority of public transportation vehicles in securing fuel, much like hospitals and bakeries.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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