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In Ghouta, Beans More Expensive Than Meat

The absence of animal feed has led many people to slaughter their animals
In Ghouta, Beans More Expensive Than Meat

Contrary to expectations, and as an evidence of the agricultural deterioration caused by the regime's war on the besieged Ghouta province in Damascus countryside, prices of vegetables are rising to almost fictional levels.


In the latest report on the prices of materials in the besieged Ghouta, the Office of Relief said the price of a kilogram of tomatoes has now reached 350 SP.  Eggplants are the same price.


The report said beans have become a marvel, with the price for a kilogram jumping to 900 SP, while in non-besieged areas, the price is 200 SP. What is more striking is that the price of a kilogram of beef is 200 SP less than a kilogram of beans, because it is difficult to take out animals from Ghouta and because of the lack of food for animal feed has led people to slaughter many of them.


Despite the prohibitively high prices of vegetables, they still look modest in comparison to the increase in fuel prices, which is required for many things, including vehicles, generators, water pumps, and most importantly, heating in winter.


While the official price of gasoline is nearly 100 SP per liter, the people of Ghouta pay 27 times the price (ie, 2,700 SP per liter). Diesel fuel is not far off, at 2,000 SP per liter, while its official rate is 65 SP.


With all these fictional prices, the acquisition of fuel become has become “a mirage”, while getting a gas cylinder is impossible in Ghouta, even for 50,000 SP. The most recent price was between 10,000 and 15,000 SP.


The only thing that does not vary in Ghouta compared to the rest of the country is the currency exchange rate, along with the price of gold.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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