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Idleb Refugee Camp Without Access to Water After NGO Cuts Funding

450 displaced people fleeing Russian strikes in Lattakia currently have no access to water as funding dries up
Idleb Refugee Camp Without Access to Water After NGO Cuts Funding

Residents of Al-Bunyan al-Marsous refugee camp in Idleb province have been suffering from an absence of water for the past week after a charity cut its backing of a clean water initiative.

The 450 displaced people, mostly who fled Russia's aerial bombardment of the Akrad and Turkman mountains in Lattakia province, currently have no means to run the camp’s water pumps.

Camp manager Abdul Jabar Khaleel said two organizations currently provide drinking water to two neighboring camps, but have refused to provide water to Al-Bunyan al-Marsous despite housing fewer residents.

Khaleel indicated that he might be forced to seek individual donations to help provide water to the camp.

He added that Lattakia local council does not offer any service or aid to the camp despite having the means to provide enough water.

The camp’s residents protested last Friday demanding organizations and the local council adhere to their needs.

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