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HTS Arrests Activist in Idleb, Conceals his Fate for 22 Days

An Idleb activist and humanitarian worker was arrested by HTS for an unknown reason, according to Shaam News Network.
HTS Arrests Activist in Idleb, Conceals his Fate for 22 Days
HTS Arrests Activist in Idleb, Conceals his Fate for 22 Days

On Monday, activists from the Idleb countryside said that Tahrir al-Sham’s (HTS) security forces had, for the 22nd consecutive day, concealed the fate of media and humanitarian activist Mohammed al-Ismail. The activist was arrested at his home in Idleb city less than a month ago, amidst restrictions on media and humanitarian activities in areas under HTS control. 

The Shaam Network learned from confidential sources that HTS forces arrested Ismail, who works for a humanitarian organization, at one of its checkpoints between the Idleb countryside and Afrin on January 18th.

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The sources explained that the arrest continued for one day without providing cause. Then, one day after Ismail’s release, HTS security forces stormed his house in Idleb city, thoroughly searched it, confiscated his laptops and communication equipment, and arrested Ismail, taking him to an unknown destination. 

Shaam Network’s sources indicated that HTS security forces have not disclosed the reason for Ismail’s arrest or any other details about his whereabouts and fate. The secrecy comes amidst fears of any harm or torture to Ismail, with appeals made to the relevant human rights authorities to demand Ismail’s release. 

Ismail, a resident of Saraqib city in rural Idleb, had emigrated to Idleb city, where he has worked in the media and humanitarian fields since the popular Syrian movement began in Saraqib. Ismail took part in covering the popular movement and spreading awareness about civilian suffering. He also coordinated the work of local councils and, more recently, has worked in the region’s humanitarian field.

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